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Angela St. Lawrence is the reigning queen of high-end, long distance training and Femme Domme phone sex, providing esoteric depravity for the aficionado, specializing in Erotic Fetish, Female Domination, Cock Control, Kinky Taboo and Sensual Debauchery. To make an appointment or speak with Ms. St. Lawrence  ...



Because I need to always remember it: FROG

And….Thank you, each and every one:

***Derek: Because you did it and I love it!

***Mistress V: Because you believe in me.

***Gracie: Because you gave me a chance.

***Doxy: Because your friendship honors me.

***David: Because you know my heart.

***Toby: Because you make my world a safer place.

***Dennis: Because I count on your unconditional affection.

***Mother: Because you are the orginal FemDomme!

5 Responses to “Blast-Off”

  1. Mistress V Says:

    Awww it is finally done! It looks so very good! Hugs girlfriend you know I lub you. Now I will be the wicked evil stepmom type nagging you to keep it up! haha

  2. Puzzler565 Says:

    Finally! A platform for Angela’s unique and very special voice. I’ll read every word!

  3. Gracie Says:

    Thanks for the thanks, but sheesh, I’m blushing (there goes my image! lol)

  4. science nerd Says:

    Angela is supreme devil-saint of sensual audio-eroticism. We regular callers  would be well served by keeping her to ourselves, but she is just too amazingly talented to be kept a secret. This blog gives the uninitiated but a glimpse into the creative, mesmerizingly gifted mind of our mistress. I think a billboard on the George Washington Bridge is in order…hmmm…..

  5. Angela Says:

    Awe…you guys! Fanks!

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