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Justice for All


Justice Howard and John Gilmore, are collaborating to present SHARP EDGES, a benefit gallery show with proceeds going to Children of the Night, on the evening of May 20, in downtown Los Angeles. For information, call 213-550-7335.

According to the email I received from Justice, there will be no door charge–but donations are expected. She also included this little tidbit:

Sharp Edges is a show that is not for the sensitive of spirit nor the faint of heart. It is progressive erotic imagery by internationally renowned photographer Justice Howard, plus dark & edgy wordage by writer John Gilmore who has over 10 books to his credit. The best known are “Severed: Story of the Black Dahlia” and “Live Fast Die Young, the story of James Dean”. Scorchy & Torchy images by Justice Howard will feature pinup legend Mamie Van Doren in a glamorous murder scene ritual, as well as photos of Dave Navarro, Xene Cervenka, and UFC fighting champion Kimo Leopoldo. A recreation of the famous Black Dahlia murder scene will be exhibited as well as many other surprises. Custom knives created especially for this event by House of Steel.

Now if that doesn’t sound like fun, I don’t know what does. Charity doesn’t begin at home, it begins in our hearts. So give…and give often. Because if you don’t, like John Lennon said, “Instant Karma is going to get you.”

Hmmm…I wonder if my friend, Isabella, will be there.

2 Responses to “Justice for All”

  1. slave john Says:

    These are the kind of things that make me wish I could live in California or New York. Are you going, Mistress?

  2. Angela Says:

    I just might show up. Would you like to be beside me on your leash?

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