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Like a Horse & Carriage

Who knew?

  1. Born again Christians are just as likely to divorce as their secular counterparts.
  2. Historically, polygamy has been the more approved form of marriage.
  3. There are more long-term marriages today in America than in the past.
  4. College educated women are more likely to marry and less likely to divorce than women with less education.
  5. In 1889, a girl could legally consent to sex at the age of ten years old in half of the states.
  6. Ancient Greeks believed the purest form of love was between two men.
  7. The divorce rate has fallen over twentyfive percent since 1981.
  8. Until 1754, when England began requiring marriage licenses, informal cohabitation was the norm.
  9. Family polygamy is the most mentioned form of marriage in the first five books of the bible.
  10. The region with the highest divorce rate is in the Bible Belt.
  11. The high number of prostitutes per capita in late Nineteenth Century America resulted in a high incidence of venereal disease in married women. (guess who gave it to them)
  12. Men rate youth and good looks higher than women do when seeking a spouse. (vacuous pricks)
  13. It was observed in early Nineteenth Centry America that at least one-third of all children were born to unmarried couples.
  14. A 2001 survey asked schoolgirls if they agreed that, “everyone needed to marry.” Seventyfive percent of American school girls agreed, while eightyeight percent of Japanese schoolgirls disagreed. (smart Japanese schoolgirls)
  15. When divorces occur after the age of forty, a recent study showed, wives initiate two-thirds of them. (you go, girl!)

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