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Vintage Vixens

dita05.jpg misc11.jpg misc03.jpg misc15.jpg dita03.jpg misc17.jpg

I found these fabulous black & whites, collected by a gentleman who obviously knows how to appreciate a sexy set of gams, at a little geo-cities website. As my legs happen to be one of my killer attributes, I thought about sending him a marriage proposal via email. I mean, after all, might as well marry someone who is gonna love, adore and appreciate you. Right?

But then again, I already have you to love, adore and appreciate me. Isn’t that true, my precious pet?

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One Response to “Vintage Vixens”

  1. jeremy Says:

    This vintage slave is so impressed that my precious Angela has shared these great old photos. Share and tell never looked so good….it reminds me of some well-hidden “literature” I discovered when I was a kid looking through dad’s “library.”

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