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Better Than I Thought

While I’ve wanted to do this blog thing for a very long time, I dreaded the commitment I knew it would take. Commitment is not exactly one of my favorite words, the proof being my four and 1/2 (don’t ask) broken engagements. So here we are–more than a week into this–and I’m actually kind of liking it.

Could it be that marriage might be right around the corner? Is this the beginning of a personal renaissance? Might I actually start being on time for lunch dates? Will I start setting my alarm, reading directions, making a grocery list, regularly picking up my mail, consistently using my Blackberry? (I don’t really have a Blackberry; I just wanted to impress you.)

Or could it be that–just like the teenage epiphanies I experienced every autumn of every new school year–these new girl resolutions will soon slip-slide away, most likely when I am taking a bubble bath or reading Stephen King or buying my newest pair of shoes. Because, after all, these things are important, too!

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see, heh? You never know, I just might suprise you.

Ok, well, maybe I won’t.

But if you happen to be reading this? Thanks for being there.

3 Responses to “Better Than I Thought”

  1. AvonBard Says:

    As a man of the late renaissance, let me welcome you, Angela. Come get organized with me! (Your blog is fascinating, by the way.)

  2. science nerd Says:

    As one who appreciates the class, heart and honesty of Angela, I love her e-diary. She is, as her many fans know, the sexiest of word smiths, the most erotic of intellectuals and the most beautiful of ball-busters.

  3. hypno-seductrix Says:

    Angela, the world’s Sweet Angel,
    I LOVE your writing. Always interesting commentary, a little chuckle, a slightly different perspective on an otherwise mundane world.
    Please keep it up.

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