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Phone Diva Punks a Punk

Evidently, little Davie, who dreams of being the next Chris Rock or Ryan Styles (see his links), thought recording his prank call to a Phone Sex Service and requesting a “clown fantasy” would propell him into instant stardom.

Alas, due to an awesomely talented PSO (Phone Sex Operator), Davie won’t be resigning from his fry cook job anytime soon.

While the dispatcher putting out this call could use some PR skills, the PSO who created said fantasy gave it all she had.  She punked the punk!

Whoever you are, my partner in crime, I send you super-sized kudos. Save that recording! If you ever go looking for another position as a fantasy facilitator, it is awesome proof that you ROCK!

Click to hear Phone Goddess get the laugh last on Davie!

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