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A Bedtime Story

I am in the middle of creating (actually re-creating, but that is another story) a little weblog that will be a collection of erotic short fiction and poetry I’ve written and will be writing. When I (finally!) get everything in order there, you will be the first to know. I promise, honest injun! In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy a sneak peek.

Marie Knows

You know she knows.

She’s been winking at you, licking her lips, eyeing your crotch, leering wickedly. You think she can smell your guilt, smell it on you, smell it oozing from your pores. You look out the window, feigning calmness. She can’t know. This is crazy thinking. It’s impossible. You think this to yourself, yet you don’t believe it.

The door opens. Kelly is back from her break. Watching her walk to her desk in those killer heels, you see her catch Marie’s eye. Are they both smirking? Do they both know? You need to get out of this office, take a walk, get some fresh air to clear your head. With a sigh of what you hope comes across as casual indifference, you push your chair back. You clear your throat.

“I guess I’m going to go out and grab some lunch,” you say, starting to rise.

“Not so fast, buster boy.”

You feel yourself turning red even as you sit back down. Flustered, embarrassed, you hear Kelly giggle at—what? What Marie said? What they know? The way you sat down so fast, like a well-trained puppy?

“Now that we’re all three alone…”

Marie is walking toward you, arms behind her back. She’s wearing black silk stockings again. You try not to look at her legs, try to think of something clever to say, try to tell yourself that nothing is wrong.

“I have something of yours, or I should say Kelly’s.”

Kelly giggles again, that beautiful girlish music, now a torment. You can’t even look at her. Worse, behind your desk you feel yourself becoming hard. Oh God, they found them. Fuck! What do I do now? How do I get out of this? I need to get out of here.

But it’s too late. Marie has brought her arms out in front of her. You don’t want to look at her outstretched hands, what she’s showing you. You try to look past the clutch of white satiny fabric, to her face. You watch the cruel snarl of her red lips, moving as if in slow motion.

“You’re a fucking pervert, a dirty little dog, a crotch-sniffing panty thief.”

Kelly is crossing the carpet, one hand tugging at the hem of her skirt, the other dangling a key. Glimpsing a pink garter, you realize the key looks familiar. Your eyes darting back and forth, you start fumbling around your desk. Surely they are here somewhere.

“Looking for these?”

You hear the metallic clattering, even as Marie is pulling them from her ample cleavage. She smiles, leaning in close and jingling them in front of your face.

“What’s that,” Kelly says, sliding onto the corner of the desk, looking pointedly at your crotch, “a stiffy?” Her skirt is all the way up now. Seeing the pink lace of her panties, you feel your cock flex. You can’t help it. A moan escapes your constricted throat. Marie laughs as Kelly presses the key into your sweaty palm.

“Now let’s unlock that bottom drawer and see how many pairs you have in there,” Marie says.

And you know Marie knows and you know that you are fucked.

3 Responses to “A Bedtime Story”

  1. ZenFetish » Blog Archive » Blistered Lips Says:

    […] A while back, 2/24/06 to be exact, I told you that I was pulling together another weblog that would be a collection of my short erotica and poetry.  A few people have been watching me put it all together and have been extremely generous with their comments and support along the way, for which I am deeply grateful. […]

  2. sam Says:

    have you hard of a fetish on the backs of the legs like the backs of the knee or the knee pit the true name is (POPLITEAL FOSSA)

  3. Angela Says:

    No, I haven’t. I’ve run into an armpit fetish now and again. But this seems like a great fetish…one a girl would be glad to find a lover has. In fact, to me, it sounds quite sexy. Particularly, if a woman has great gams. For myself, these parts (behind the knee, under the arm, at the groin-leg joint) of my flesh are hyper erotic zones, so I would say…BRING IT ON!

    Thanks for stopping by, Sam

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