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Oscar Night

I guess I am going to watch the Academy Awards tonight, although I’ve only seen one of the contenders, Crash. I am somewhat of a movie buff and will eventually get around to watching both the winners and the losers via DVD or pay-to-view (in front of my fireplace, in my PJs & sockies–the way Domestic Goddesses watch movies) sooner or later. I always do.

Anyway, this will be a little mini-break from the phones which just may extend (minus a scheduled call for late tomorrow evening) into a three day hiatis, as I have unattended tasks, chores, and socializing piling up in every nook and cranny of my life.

Since idle minds are the devil’s workshop, I will try to at least put something here every day to keep you busy while I am busy.

Tonight’s Assignment: Check out this website

If you haven’t seen the movie, rent it or buy it. Maybe even give a donation?

Oh, and by the way…Crash is an excellent movie–gripping, emotional, complex, enlightening. Paul Haggis’s direction is very Robert Altman-ish. Only Haggis pulls all the seemingly random pieces together a bit more neatly than Altman would, for one slam-bang, in your eye, mind-bending ending that leaves you going…Ohhhhhhh!

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