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Junk Mail & Telemarketers & Spam


A while ago, I’m stuffing a huge handful of junk mail into my trash can when the phone rings. Hmmm, I think, that’s odd. Because I know that ring tone. I normally only hear it when my brother or sister are traveling abroad. Nobody I love or know is out of the country currently, so why am I receiving an international call? I usually let calls go into voice mail if I either don’t recognize the name on caller ID or cannot glimmer enough info about the caller from the ID screen.

But I am stupid this time and pick up to hear “Michael,” mispronouncing my name with a suspiciously foreign accent to tell me that my “family” (which would consist of myself and Fredrick the Cross-Dressing Cat) and I have won–hold on to your panties–a vacation package!! Woot! Where, when, how? Got me, couldn’t tell you. Because I hung-up before he could give me all the fabulous details.

I probably would have forgotten that entire two minutes of my life if I hadn’t then signed on to the Net to access the email at my professional website, where I spent another two, three, four minutes deleting all the spam that had accumulated there since yesterday. And why do I get so much spam? Because the brilliant spammers (oily porn slingers) think that because I have an “adult” site I am concerned about the size of a penis I do not possess, want to see an “Asian beauty take it in the ass,” and am eager to purchase my drugs from online pharmaceutical companies (sure, I’ll give ’em my CC info).

It’s forty-five minutes into the morning and all I’ve accomplished so far is discarding and ignoring intrusive sales people and pitches in one form or another.

Excuse me while I vent, one more time, this time even louder:


So I am going out shopping with a friend and then off to Bennigans for a couple margaritas and some fattening food. I deserve it. Care to join us? But if you do, you’re buying.

I thought you’d say that. Ok, while I’m gone, you can read my article Spam-O-Lot. That will keep you out of trouble until I get back.

3 Responses to “Junk Mail & Telemarketers & Spam”

  1. lawyer guy Says:

    Right on! Even with filters, spam is getting out of control. But thanks for the link to Spam-A-Lot; it’s a hilarious spoof on the alien nature of our online communications. Well done, again, Angela.

  2. Victor Crawly Says:

    Spam is a nightmare. Wait till they start hitting your comments. It’s worse than having it in your email. If you haven’t done so yet, I highly recommend you install all the WordPress anti-spam plugins. Even with those you’ll still get a fair amount….

    It’s maddening!

  3. Angela Says:

    Is this my Victor?

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