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Moving Right Along

As you might have noticed, I kinda took a break from the blog yesterday. I say kinda, because I did post a funny picture so there was at least something there. So stop complaining, for crying out loud.

By the way, that picture was sent to me by Murray (thanks, honey). Supposedly, it is an actual bathroom in some European hotel chain. Details were fuzzy, as Murray received it from a friend of a friend of a friend. But it is awfully funny, isn’t it?

So I talked with my webmistress yesterday regarding the big update we are about to embark upon at my professional website. Rather exciting because I’ve been working up to this for quite a while. A lot has been happening personally that kept getting it pushed aside, and I was getting more than a tad weary with the entire thing. But things are finally coming together. Smutville is going to get a thorough makeover. The rooms will feature a variety of both famous and infamous fetish personalities and will include a few new rooms such as The Smoking Lounge and The Locker Room. This is going to be so much fun!

I’m getting ready to settle down to read two books written by Supervert, Necrophillia Variations and Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish. Now tell me those don’t sound like something to sink your teeth into? Go ahead, I dare you. If you follow the above link, you can read more about the books at his site. I have to confess that I am mixing a whole lot of pleasure with a little bit of business, as I plan to review both books for Sex Kitten. I will try to remember to let you know when the reviews are published.

I’ve been taking calls, but not full-time, just kind of slip-sliding around. Seems a certain somebody wants a pair of my stockings. He is a dear heart and I do think I will oblige him. Two callers have expressed interest in commissioning erotica from me. Another caller, just because he likes my writing so much, has requested a mainstream story. Like I’ve said before, I have the greatest clients. Smooches to all of you.

I am also participating in an ongoing round table discussion, The State of Sex in the U.S, being featured at Adult Backwash. Lots of interesting people are putting in their two cents–including Tasty Trixie, Lawrence G. Walters, Esq. and Hester Nash–so you might want to check it out, maybe even leave a comment.

Oh, one more thing. Doxy Wringer and I were recently interviewed about our chosen avocations by the one and the same Gracious Sizzle conducting the roundtable discussion. So Ms. Sizzle should be publishing those to Adult Backwash soon. That should be fun. Dontcha think?

I’ll keep you posted. Don’t I always?

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  1. lit major Says:

    Thanks for the update, Angela. I look forward to reading it all!

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