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Well, I’ve been a good girl, a responsible girl, signing on to take calls for the first time in a while. I had my reasons for laying low, which I will probably blog about in the near future.

It’s turned into a rather busy day, with gentlemen callers (my twisted version of such) veering from reprimanding me for the unexplained and unannounced absence to kissing my cute little butt in supplication, begging me not to go away again and everything in between. I’ll take all of the above. And it really feels good to be putting in a full day on the phones. Even had a new caller, who I think may stick around.

The most promising fantasy of the day is actually on hold, as we were unexpectedly interrupted. But very soon I will be the dominant, wicked wife to whom the husband subjugates himself, despite my very strict rules (down to choosing his attire for a night of wifely adoration), seering humilation of said spouse and continuous delight in forcing him to do dirty, filthy things. Now doesn’t that sound like fun? Does to me!

Along with all the updates I am working on (for my professional website, which I mentioned yesterday) I am trying to whip this and another blog into shape so they are finally presentable enough to put out on the Internet. If you have been reading this as it unfolds, then you are, indeed, privileged and very lucky. I haven’t let very many people even know it exists. As always, you can thank me later.

There are many topics we are going to dance around as this space of mine continues to expand, including (but not limited to): financial domination, strap-ons, mainstream books I’ve read and love, really awesome people on the web, phonesex philosphies and how they differ, the world of fetish (lingerie, smoking, heels, tickling, leather, etc.), my personal shoe fetish, friends in my everyday life (you’ve met Nanette already), taboo desires (golden/brown showers, incest, cuckolding, forced homosexuality, etc.), the difference between fantasy and reality and just about anything and everything that strikes my little fancy.

Stick around. I think we are in for a bumpy ride. Just the way I like it.

4 Responses to “Ring-A-Ling”

  1. Tom Says:

    A warm, loving, sadistic dom who is also sweet. What a killer this woman is.

  2. lawyer guy Says:

    I love this daily glimpse into your lovely brain. Sometimes outrageous — but always lovely!

  3. Angela Says:

    Two of my biggest fans! Wow! I’m glad someone is liking this silly little blather of mine. Thanks, guys.

  4. Jake Says:

    Girl, you can blather at me anytime. I look forward to examining some of the aforementioned items in more detail. Anticipation, a wonderful thing!

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