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The Trouble with Isabella

I just have to dish with you about Isabella Valentine.

So remember you heard it here first: Danger, Will Robinson! Girlishly flirtatious, erotically mesmerizing, shamefully addictive, sinfully sexy and wickedly beguiling, Ms. Valentine is BIG TROUBLE!

The kind of trouble I am talking about here is that Isabella is just too much of too many things: too smart, too creative, too talented, too sexy, too cute, too fun-loving, too positive, too kinky, and too good of a friend. Did I leave anything out? Well, let’s just say she is too much of a good thing and leave it at that. And you do know what they say about too much of a good thing, don’t you?

The fact is that if you are in the mood to get your phone freak on, Isabella is the girl that you should be looking up (when I’m nowhere to be found, of course). If you can’t tell by now, I simply adore this Fem Fatale.

Everything about her is first class, as is evidenced by her meticulously crafted website, which was a Vamp’s Pick at Jane’s Guide. Her daily journal (blog) is a favorite of mine, showcasing Ms. Valentine’s intelligence, creativity, passion for life, unceasing energy (artist, student, phonesex operator and much more) and generous spirit–and should be on everyone’s list of daily must-reads. I mean that! Go bookmark it right now.

Obviously, I happen to like Isabella bunches. I am lucky to count her among my friends, and I cherish that friendship deeply. She also happens to be an ethical and passionate business woman, which is why her callers adore her and phonesex operators look up to her.

Isabella makes the world a prettier place just by being in it. She’s so delightful, I could pinch her cheeks. And she’s so damn hot, sometimes I think about fucking her. And I’m straight! So that just shows you how powerfully charismatic she is.

Did I tell you that one of her specialties is Erotic Hypnosis? I don’t dare call her.

I just don’t dare.

2 Responses to “The Trouble with Isabella”

  1. Isabella Valentine Says:

    Thank you for mentioning me like that, you are so sweet! You are amazing, girl. I love the way you write and find myself enwrapped in your articles and everything you say. I’m glad to be your friend (hugs and kisses) Love Isabella xoxoxoox

  2. Angela Says:


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