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Surf City

You know how it is when you start following links. It takes on a life of its own and you become a web-surfing maniac. But some interesting things–things to bookmark for a later, longer stay, once your done slutting around–do show up on one’s monitor, wouldn’t you agree?

For instance I found this primer for surfing gay adult websites, which is an extremely helpful guide for anybody looking for any porn (gay, straight, in between, over the top, under the covers…whatever) at The Banana Guide. Internet shysters abound, particularly in the “adult” arena. In easy-to-understand language, this “tutorial” explains the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes tofree sites vs. pay sites, trial memberships and navigating AENs (adult entertainment networks). I learned a lot and highly recommend you check it out.

I also ran across this wonderful vintage photographer, Mark Anthony Lacy, at his self-designed website, Lacy Unlimited, where he showcases his work, which he describes as “Retro Pinup Photography.” Featuring “bodacious blondes, brazen brunettes, ravishing redheads, and exciting exotiques” in girdles, corsets, stockings and heels, the website, itself, is a work of retro art. (He does web design, too. If you’ve been looking for a webmaster to create a retro look for you website, he’s your guy!) Then, of course, there is what Mr. Lacy refers to as the swanky flashy intro.

And you just have to check out Grownup Girl, the very hot website of blonde bombshell, Lori. While she does have pay-to-view (membership) areas, Lori provides a generous dollop of free “treats” so you can window shop and get to know her a little bit. This is an amazing young lady. Deaf from the age of sixteen, Lorie maintains a mainstream job and is the one-woman mistress of this website, providing pictures, videos, fantasy stories and much more. She is very real, very sweet, very naughty, very talented, and I just like her super bunches!

Boy! This was fun, wasn’t it? We’ll have to go surfing again very soon!

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  1. jersey fresh Says:

    Erotic mistress, creator of, yes, literate smut and phone goddess extraordinaire, Angela now shares valuable info to help us avoid the dark alleys of internet porn. What a woman. By the way, Grownup Girl shares some very erotic parts of her history in writing. Another class act.

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