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Rock & Roll Jenna

Jenna is going to get me in trouble one of these days. Her husband, Jeremy, is always friendly with me, but I feel his sideway glances. I am the single girl, the girl that does phonesex and writes naughty stories…the BAD INFLUENCE! Can I help it that Jenna likes to hang out with me, even participate in a call now and then? (More about that later.)

Despite Jeremy’s suspicions, out of the two of us, Jenna is the naughtier one. Sometimes I think she wants to believe I am a bad influence, wishes desperately that I am a bad influence. She loves to bar hop, while I detest that scene. She likes to smoke…and not just cigarettes, if you know what I mean. She flirts outrageously, while I am very low key (as I believe seduction is not flirtation & teasing is a fine art).

The reason I’m bring this up is that I just got a call from my frisky friend. It seems Jeremy, as is usual for him, has a big computer gaming night planned, which will probably last until dawn. How he plans to put a full day in at his office tomorrow after pulling an all-nighter is more that I can gander. There’s a band Jenna wants to check out at a local nightspot and thinks we could zig over there, then zag to a few other places before she crashes at my place.

I guess Jenna thinks we should get an early start on St. Patrick’s Day? Partying is not my style on weekends, let alone weekdays and absolutely never on holidays. My perfect New Year’s Eve? Me, maybe a few very good (very sober) friends, a good movie and a cheese plate. Perhaps a glass of champagne or merlot. Jenna knows this about me, but refuses to give up the dream that I just might someday lead her into the muddy waters of “bad girl” territory. Like I tell my callers, “Don’t try this at home.” And I practice what I preach.

The last time my lovable, silly friend bamboozled me into a “girls night out” I spent the latter part of the evening fending off and ducking two guys as they followed us from bar to bar, thanks to Jenna’s earlier alcohol-fueled, unabashed coquetry. Of the four of us, I was the only one sober. Even though they were all older than me, I felt like the Den mother amongst a group of wily teenagers.

One of the guys admitted to a foot fetish, and I happened to be wearing an ankle bracelet and toe ring, with these adorable Tommy Hilfiger summer cork heels. So he was falling all over me. I swear if I had told him to, he would have dropped to his knees and kissed my little manicured toes in front of gawd and everybody.

While I circumvented their attempts to continue the partying at my place (the guys tried to follow us home, which took some fancy dancing on my part) and made it home safe and sound–Jenna’s fidelity still in tact–I went to bed with a migraine. Not my idea of fun! Meanwhile, Jenna was in my living room going through my CD collection like a Tasmanian devil and dancing up a storm until the margaritas finally got the best of her and she passed out.

And guess which one of us had the headache come the next morning?

You can bet it wasn’t me.

Yup! I think I’ll be having a quiet evening at home tonight.

5 Responses to “Rock & Roll Jenna”

  1. goodguygonebad Says:

    Angela- I appreciate your point of view, but wouldn’t just one drink to take the edge off – and then some quiet time with an admirer – be a nice way to spend the evening?

  2. Angela Says:

    hmmm…..and who would that admirer be, pray tell?

  3. jersey fresh Says:

    Angela, my mistress, you are a gifted story teller. Have you ever thought of selling your services as a writer of diaries? The penache you would add would make the dullest of lives seem steamy and exciting. Just a thought. By the way, your precious deserve homage.

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