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Here’s the Beef


If you’ve checked out my links (over there-see Ethical Smut), then you’re already a member of SpyOnUs, the super-sized indie porn site of Trixie the Wandering Web Whore and her hunka-hunka-burning-love boyfriend Tucker. Oh and there’s another business partner in this venture. Dare I forget DeliaCD, Tucker’s cross-dressing alter ego? (Who, by the way, happens to be the sexiest panty boy on the Internet today!)

I’ve been enthralled with these two (er, three?) for quite a long time. Personally, I would lose my mind availing myself to the porn-surfing public as these guys do. Mind trips are fine, but I need my personal space and I need it very personal. Trixie and Tucker not only do it, the do it with style and generosity. They serve up walloping, meat & potatoes porn for the discerning surfer, complimentary wine and dessert included! Did I mention they are pretty to look at, interesting to read, very smart and sizzling hot? Oh, baby, they are so fucking hot!

They also happen to be principled business people. You get a lot more than you pay for and you get a no-strings-attached membership which can be canceled at any time.

Soon Delia will be the featured "lady" in the Powder Room at my professional site. Bless her little sissy heart; she let me run wild in her member area to pick and choose from her oh-so-sexy exclusive content. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I am also writing a couple cross-dressing, forced feminization, lingerie tease stories for her site.

I hope to interview Trixie soon for Sex-Kitten. She is an Internet pioneer and visionary, setting the standard when it comes to principled adult websites and creator of the now-legendary Webwhore Manifesto.

As she says at her flagship site, TastyTrixie.com:   I try to strike a balance between amateur art and porn, between pleasing porn-lovers and pleasing those who want material that is both substantive and explicit, between indulging in fantasy while being committed to reality, and between providing reliable weekly updates while striving to constantly improve the quality and depth of my work. Sometimes I fail and sometimes I surprise myself. I hope you will be pleasantly surprised too!

Trixie also happens to have the loveliest nipples (the cute, hard-as-a-rock "eraser" kind, just like mine) so I just know you’re gonna fall in love with her.

Are these people cool — or what?

So what are you waiting for? Go join today! Tell ’em Angela sent you.


2 Responses to “Here’s the Beef”

  1. lit major Says:

    A cool couple. Thanks for the intro, Angie!

  2. East Coast Professor Says:

    I’m afraid I’m becoming a blog aholic thanks to dear Angela. She with the golden tongue and razor wit is a literary giant in the making. Thanks, sweet Angela, for sharing the fruits of your wonderful work and friendships with us all. This couple and their work sound enticing, intelligent and ethical….takes one to know one, right?

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