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Where There’s Smoke

…there’s fire.

At least there is if you have a smoking fetish. And it’s in your pants.

As I am an occasional social smoker, I always welcome calls from these guys. It gives me an excuse to be extra naughty and just puff up a storm. I mean, after all, it’s all in the line of duty, right? As I always say, particularly in my line of work, a girl has gotta do what a girl has gotta do.

While smoking fetishes take some very specific and interesting twists and turns, most of us are familiar with this fetish as it applies to a man being turned on by a woman smoking. And even though there is a select group determined to blame the Internet for anything and everything they deem perverse (meaning they keep their kink secret so they can sanctimoniously bitch-bible-slap the rest of the world any time they get a chance), I suspect black & white film noir (think Bogie & Bacall) has a lot to do with this and that there’s been more than a few closeted smoking fetishists around for quite a long time.

Many times the fantasy involves an older, sexually aggressive woman enticing or even dominating an idealized younger version of the gentleman fantasizer. Is it so very difficult to imagine being an impressionable (and very horny) young man being seduced by a classically sexy femme fatale (sweater dress hugging every luscious curve, seamed stockings climbing up to no-man’s land) who smokes her way into your heart and pants? The naughty neighbor who blows smoke through her painted red lips as she runs the heel of her red fuck-me-pump up the inside seam of your blue jeans? The wicked stepmother’s martini in one hand, a cigarette in her other, making you masturbate for her?

Doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?


I’ve run across this fetish in different forms a time or two. Being forced to smoke is a submissive fantasy that isn’t quite out in the open yet, but it’s getting there. And there is also a subdivision of this fetish which focuses on particular aspects of smoking such as tobacco, pipes, French inhaling (inhaling smoke from the open mouth up through the nose), certain brands of cigarettes and even the addiction to nicotine. I’ve also met a guy (don’t ask how; my lips are zipped) that had a serious fetish about watching a woman smoke marijuana.

And, by the way, I have my own little mini-fetish (atypical in women) for hearing and watching a man smoke. I find it incredibly sexy and masculine.

Aren’t we just amazing beings? Such an adventure!

xo, Angela

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