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Dear Madame

Dear Madame finally has her blog, Madame Knows, up and running, so I’ve added the link to my Hot Blog category. I’ve been anxiously waiting for this, because, well, I just happen to think Dear Madame is awful darn cool. We are only just getting to know each other, but I feel good in my belly about her, so I hope you check her out. I am pretty sure she is currently working on a professional website from which to operate her Phone Business. In the meantime, check her out HERE. If you like your women mature, real, and intelligently dominant, Dear Madame is your dream-come-true. I just love her voice. Not to mention her wit, style, grace, business saavy and tremendous strength of character. She is actually away at The Pheonix Forum, an adult industry forum, where she will no doubt have the time of her life and learn lots of new tricks. Do you think if I kiss her butt she might pass a few my way? Have fun, Dear Madame. We’ll see you when you get back.

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