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Tease and Denial

Also known as orgasm denial, cock control and a whole lot of other things (it’s more or less in the hands of the be-holder), this is a fetish/fantasy that has become quite popular. It happens to be one of my favorite fantasies, as it is a real life game I’ve played since I learned to walk and wiggle my hips. I mean, after all, what’s a good Catholic girl to do when she’s been taught to value her purity but enjoys the attention of smitten boys?

I might even go so far as to say that Tease and Denial is at the heart of all FemDom power exchanges. It’s as simple as this: We got it and men want it. God made it that way, which I think is pretty awesome. Keeps everything in balance and under control.  That would be, ahem, female control.

An important factor in considering this is that a desired fruit tastes twice as sweet when one puts off partaking of its nectar. Obviously, when it comes to sex, very few men have either the capability or foresight to delay gratification. Again, they really can’t help it; they’re wired that way. But, thanks to the lovely grace of femininity, the male animal can be taught. He might not like it, but he really has no other options.   To put it another way:  Good girls tease and good boys endure.

Chastity devices can be employed in worst/best (it’s your call) case scenarios. Some even fantasize about castration. And while it is a particularly fun fantasy (at least for me–oh how evil I can be when it is deserved), I wouldn’t recommend pursuing the fulfillment of that particular figment of illusion in any real-time situation. It would be bloody, painful and permanent. See what I mean about fantasy vs reality? Geeze!

A really great website for those interested in this particular "hobby" is Orgasm Denial, which is sort of a "hang out" for like-minded boys and girls. Although you have to create a member name to particpate, membership is free. And while there are a links to outside merchants and pay websites, David, who created and manages the site, has a lot of freebies available such as chatrooms, picture teases, blog capabilities, an internal mail system and much more. So put on your CB2000 and check it out!

xo, Angela

2 Responses to “Tease and Denial”

  1. Delia Says:

    Ummmmm . . orgasm denial is probably one of my biggest turn ons. I love being told not to cum and not to touch myself. Makes me crazy. Hmmmm . . maybe i should look into a CB20000 😉

  2. Angela Says:

    Wow! Delia, my favorite girly-boy! Thanks for dropping by. YOU are welcome here anytime and get the red carpet treatment. And re. orgasm denial…OH YEAH! So much fun. SMOOCH!

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