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And Another Thing

In regards to my previous post, Get a Grip, I’ve gotten a bit of commentary here and there–some in agreement, others just not getting it and thinking I’m the devil’s own mistress. He should be so lucky.

Let me say this about that: Boxes are for shoes, not people.

And as an Erotic Conversationalist, what I bring to the table as a professional is not only the ability to be non-judgemental about a caller’s fantasies, but crackerjack support, empathy, and a whole lot of enthusiasm. That doesn’t mean that I am always capable of creating a particular fantasy.

After all, I’m only human. (You didn’t know that about me, did you?) But if I can’t work the particular brand of magic he is seeking, I can certainly make every effort to hook him up with a PSO that can.

Every caller is a customer, and customers deserve the same red carpet treatment that I want when I am spending my money with someone.

Let’s look at just a few fairly common fantasies:

  • Twink: Twinks are young men/boys who are sexual boy-toys for older men. While I’ve had this request on many occasions, two constants applied in every single case: 1) The caller wanted to be the twink. 2) Every caller was middle-aged or even older.
  • Castration: Admittedly, there are some voluntary eunuchs out there, but that is not what we are talking about. My callers have no real desire to be emascualted. In fact they are usually fucking up a storm in their every day lives. The business of being alpha males gets tedious after all! So a randy round of sexual annihilation is most satisfying.
  • Erotic Humiliation: Just why in the heck would a man become sexually aroused at a woman telling him he is a worm, a loser, not good enough to fuck her with somebody else’s prick? Because he desires a powerful woman who can drive him to his knees. …for a while. And words are powerful, particularly when they’re the only tie that binds via the phone lines.

So do you really think these callers practice this stuff in their daily sexcapades? Do you really? Take it from me, 99.9% are living life just the same as you and me, maintaining the status quo and hopping from box to box (husband, boyfriend, lover, worker bee, sibling, cousin, friend, parent).

Let me spell it out, one more time:  It’s just   F – A – N – T – A – S – Y

When they get to me? The last thing I want to do is put them in a box.

3 Responses to “And Another Thing”

  1. Tom Says:

    Amen sister!!!

  2. lawyer guy Says:

    Thank you, Angela. You understand the situation perfectly.

  3. lit major Says:

    You’ve never had to refer ME to another PSO! I’m glad you’d be willing to, but my fantasies will all stay with you.

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