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Hey There, Hi There, Ho There


Let me give credit where credit is so richly deserved. I found this adorable pic at Everything Goes, the blog site of good girl and Grizzly Bear. Presenting fascinating content that is quite personal, even including pictures of their sexcapades, they are, “A newly in love couple exploring submission, dominance, sexuality, bondage and toys with no reservation.”

We should all be so lucky, eh?

Bear and girl found it at The Bondage Blog, which–while not my thing–is a great site with an astounding array of pictures, advice, suggestions and more if you take, “Pleasure in the Beauty of Restrained Women.”

C you real soon!

Y? Because I like you!

7 Responses to “Hey There, Hi There, Ho There”

  1. Tom Says:

    What a nice take off on Disney…and what great nipple clips. Angela is the best.

  2. good girl Says:

    Thanks for stopping by our little corner of the internets 🙂 Ya’ll come back now, ya here? I know I’ll be visiting you again very soon, great posts!

  3. Angela Says:

    Wow…I am honored…thank you so much! Woo Hoo…now I will be smiling the entire night!

  4. goodguygonebad Says:

    I didn’t know anyone else still remembered the Mousketeer farewell! Thanks, Angela, for a big smile — is that Annette wearing the clip?

  5. booklover Says:

    Hey – I love the websites you keep finding for us. I feel as though I have a personal shopper, searching the web for things I might enjoy. Thanks for sharing the treasures you find.

  6. padme (Journey to the Darkside) Says:

    First time to your blog. Saw you on good girl’s blog. I’ll be back!

  7. Angela Says:

    Hi padme…welcome. I was checking you out. Very nice. So very good to meet you. I am really starting to like this blogging stuff. You meet all kinds of neat people.

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