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Everybody Wants My Sex

Ok, that might not be quite accurate. But you would agree it’s a great title for a blog entry? Yes?

What I should have said was that a whole bunch of people want my brain. Then again, maybe I was right the first time, because we all know that the brain is the most powerful sex organ. Don’t believe me? Well, I heard it from an expert. So there, wisenheimer!

Ok, I’ll quit kidding around.

It is just going to be a delightfully busy week for me. I’ve completed two artist interviews (Molly Crabapple and Burke Heffner) for Sex Kitten and getting ready to submit them for publication at the site. I just finished a review of a sex toy there, which was published today.

I am being interviewed for Backwash, along with Doxy Wringer, regarding our adventures in the phone sex industry. I am trying like heck (and getting nowhere) to get my professional site updated. Plus I’m in the middle of two books (the best part of my day) Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish, Necrophelia Variations, which I will be reviewing soon. And I am writing my own little stories for Blistered Lips and Delia CD.

And on the personal front: I have to look for a new doctor (my regular GP pissed me off big time), take my mother to her doctor, attend my mother’s care conference, hire a maid (two interviews scheduled) and go to the beauty salon (at a moment’s notice–if someone cancels).

Then there is mail to send, bills to pay, a big decision to ponder (to move or not to move – that is the question), empty cupboards to fill (I hate grocery shopping), directions to read (new iPod and microwave) and just gathering the everyday debris of my life into one neat pile. Oh, and I need to file for an extension on my taxes as my exboyfriend, who has done them for the last three years, is kinda sorta MIA.

And, of course, in between all of this, take calls.

And don’t forget Easter, which, since I’m the slightly co-dependent sibling, I gotta make it happen for everybody.

Hmmm. Amphetamines? Lotsa caffeine?

Or maybe just some old-fashioned gratitude that everybody wants my sex, er, I mean brain?

3 Responses to “Everybody Wants My Sex”

  1. booklover Says:

    It has always been your brain that we coveted!

  2. Angela Says:

    Do you know how special you are? Mmmmm….

  3. NJ shoredoc Says:

    Brains, body and attitude! You are completely irresistible, Angela. Which is why just hearing about some of the sundries along with the creative projects that occupy you these days is one big turn on for this fawning fan. Sigh.

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