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Postcards from the Edge

or How I Learned to Start Deleting and Block the Bums.

(with apologies to the late, great Messrs. Peter Sellers and Stanley Kubrick)

Some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed.

I open my email today to find this:

I am looking for someone to “direct” the actions real time of an escort in dominating me. I am into heavy verbal humiliation, spitting, slapping and even being pissed on. I have dildos, butt plugs, and panties in my possession, so I can even be “forced fag.”

Are you interested and enough of a dominating cunt to fulfill my request?

Ummmm….did I read that right?

Did this gentleman really refer to me as a “cunt?” This guy who I’ve never met or talked with before?

So I deleted and blocked him but not before responding:

You don’t know me well enough to call me a cunt. Therefore, I must respectfully decline.

What can I say? Just another day at the office, more or less. Thank God for the GOOD kinky guys. The POLITE deviants. The RESPECTFUL perverts.

Sometimes I think I should have become a nun and just had sex with priests, altar boys and PTA mothers.

And how has your day been?

4 Responses to “Postcards from the Edge”

  1. Mistress V Says:

    Damn it woman, send them to Me…………I like it when they call Me cunt it is foreplay before I fuckem’ up! hahaha Hugs sista

  2. Tom Says:

    Just goes to show you what jerks some men are. For those of us who aren’t…it gives us a huge mountain to climb.

    Do not let the jerks get you down…

  3. goodguygonebad Says:

    Let me ask this politely and respectfully: doesn’t calling you “Mistress” define our roles precisely? My problem with what your emailer was asking for was that it would have meant you would be talking to the escort; I want you talking to me!

  4. NJ shoredoc Says:

    The good thing is that most of your adoring fans (by a huge margin) are bright and respectful. Were that more of us were rich, right sweet Angela? Sometimes slugs climb onto your highbrow platform…but squishing them can be fun.

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