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Happy Time-Out Day

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Being the traditional sort and because it’s as good an excuse as any, I’m taking advantage of this widely-celebrated and sacred national holiday. Besides, American Idol is on tonight. And Rod Stewart (wet panty alert) is the guest artist. Not that I would watch it. I’m much too smart and sophisticated for such silliness. Boy, that Chris Daughtry can sing, dontcha think? Not that I would know. Supervert told me.

If you are confused by this entry or wonder why I do such irresponsible things, please refer to Ramble-Shamble Sex Goddess. Read closely, as hidden within the inspired text and erudite observations is the answer to that age-old questiion: Your place or mine?

3 Responses to “Happy Time-Out Day”

  1. avonbard Says:

    Thine! Enjoy the day!

  2. jeremy Says:

    Angela, there is nothing wrong with an entertainment scope that ranges from the silly and vacuous to the highbrow and intellectual. It’s one of the many traits that makes you so divine.

  3. Tom Says:

    I am jealous of Rod Stewart…I want all of your time…you are the best.

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