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The Three Bs

This happens from time to time when you’re pressing the lips in lieu of the flesh. After all, in my little corner of the world, it’s all relative. There are some very interesting people on the other side of that phone!

As I’ve said before, I don’t blither-blather about the particulars of what I do and to whom I speak. I am trusted with many secrets, and I have a moral responsibility to keep my callers safe. So don’t expect any dirty details here, but….

The phone rings while I am in the middle of this major project, my mind is consumed with the details that just aren’t behaving as they should. So I answer, still preoccupied, but using my professional, curteous (and sexy, if I do say so myself) voice, “Hello. This is Angela.” And I hear this deep, melodious obviously well-educated voice in my ear, “Hello, Angela, this is Mr. X. I can’t believe I am finally talking to you.”

Although that voice had literally stopped me in my tracks, I had the wherewithal to come back with a quick and witty remark: “Hello, Mr. X. I can’t believe I’m talking with you.” Which, of course, got an appreciative chuckle from Mr. X (aren’t I charming?) before he went on to explain how he’d been watching to catch me working for well over a week. But that whenever I was working my line was busy.

There was just something about Mr. X’s manner of speaking –the cant, the particular phraseology. the precise locution– which I found mesmerizing. He was obviously a very smart guy, and I happen to have an affinity for smart guys, nerds, geeks.

Somehow, as we bantered back and forth and learned a bit of this and that about each other (I mean this was sort of a “first date” after all, and a “blind date” at that!), I found myself curled-up on my bed, all cozy and snug under my down comforter, telephone tucked under my chin.

And we talked.

I mean it. That is what we did. And that is all we did. He was so thrilled to finally make contact that he just wanted to get to know me a bit. Which was lovely, but I felt badly. I mean, after all, my pricing is not for the faint of heart. This was costing Mr. X two dollars and some change per minute (btw…prices will be going up in the very near future).

So I tried to interest him in some sexy play, suggest some scenarios, fantasies, etc. But while we spent some time discussing sex, fetish, kink and other areas of mutual interest, it was just a discussion. Two plus hours of fascinating, thought-provoking and even mind-expanding conversation, and this wonderman just refused to let me razzledazzle him with my many and awesome talents.

I think he liked me. Awe, heck. I know he did. And I liked him. But the next time, which should be this weekend, I am just going to go into femdom mode and force him to do some very dirty things. (It’s a talent of mine.)

Until then I will just have to be….

….bewitched, bothered and bewildered.

So, Mr. X: If you’re reading this? Ya got me! My turn next. And boy are you in trouble.

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