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Stocking Fetish


Tess, a partner-in-crime over at Sex Kitten, recently wrote a sweet little piece describing her predictable day and not-so-predictable evening while wearing the above stockings, which she purchased from Secrets in Lace. The moral of her story? Boys like girls in pretty things, namely sexy lingerie and, more specifically, sexy nylons.

I have a very clear and fond memory of the circumstances surrounding my very first pair of stockings. I’d just turned fifteen and my father had given me his credit card with permission to specifically purchase a pair of pantyhose and a few other girlie things. I didn’t want pantyhose. I wanted nylons and a garter belt. And I was bound and determined to have my way.

Never underestimate a teenage girl’s inginuity, particularly when she has her babysitting money stashed away for a rainy day…or lingerie.

When I returned from the mall, I hastily scooted past my father, who was working a crossword puzzle at the kitchen table, and up to my bedroom, before he could ask to see what was in my packages. Once I’d hidden the Victoria’s Secret swag, I returned with his credit card and a receipt which clearly listed pantyhose as one of my purchases. He was happy and I was happy.

The first time I wore those stockings was for an interview for a summer job. I’d bought a new dress and my first pair of really high heels that day at the mall, too, so I was feeling pretty grown-up when I went out the front door and hurried to the bus stop, resume in hand.

Now I’d already pretty much figured out how to get and keep a boy’s attention by then. (When you’re Catholic, such talents are part of your DNA.) In fact, I thought I was pretty good at this boy-girl thing. But until that day, I had no idea that –just by slipping into a sexy pair of nylons– I could increase my sex appeal (translation: power) ten fold.

Teenagers, grandfathers, adolescents, middle-aged men–it didn’t matter–were ogling me, opening doors, smiling, melting, practically drooling. Perhaps some heavenly alignment had brought all the stocking fetishists out to play on that particular day. Or could it be that I looked so damn hot I was actually creating them in my wake? Nah! I really think each and every man has at least a little bit of a stocking fetish. Pretty legs are…well…they’re pretty!

At one point a man stopped me. “Miss,” he said, “I hope you don’t take offense, but I just want to tell you that you have beautiful gams.” Of course, being fifteen, I’d never heard the word “gams” before. And while I might have been a vixen in training, I was (and still am) a polite young lady. So I smiled brightly and said, “Thank you very much,” and continued down the street.

Later I asked an adult and found out that gams referred to legs…a word The Chairman of the Board might have used to describe Shirley MacClaine’s lanky appendages. So my own little mini lingerie fetish was born. Because if it was good enough for Shirley and the Rat Pack, it was good enough for me.

Besides, stockings are so damn sexy, aren’t they?

5 Responses to “Stocking Fetish”

  1. Booklover Says:

    Interesting- I had never thought of admiring lovely legs as a stocking fetish – but you’ve made me think about this a bit more. Just why are stockings so enticing? In your case, I’m sure it is because the gams you start with are so perfect!

  2. Jacob Says:

    an adorably delicious anecdote. 15 years-old: the forbidden fruit, ostensibly innocent, yet driven towards sexy lingerie. Not just any lingerie either, but nylon stockings and garter belt. There is something special about a woman (much less a girl) who would wear stockings and a garter belt and assert her sexual power so brazenly. That is what makes it so powerfully attractive, the assertion, i.e. claiming your full sexual power, rather than giving it away or supressing it as many people do.

  3. Tom Says:

    Yes they are…particularly on you…

  4. nj professor Says:

    What a coincidence. Although I object to dissecting a woman to describe her appeal, I have to say, I really (way down really) like pretty feminine legs and Angela, as far as I know, has great legs. So thank you for getting me hot with your words (what else is new).

  5. dougie Says:

    I absolutely love stocking, whether a sexy lady is wearing them or me. Nothing makes you feel more sexy and desirable.

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