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Idol Minded

Okay, I’m coming out of the closet: I’ve been bitten by the American Idol bug.

I didn’t mean for it to happen; really I didn’t. Because I’ve never been into spending time in front of of a TV screen just watching. Yes, just watching. I’d rather be watched. I’d rather live my own life out loud than silently watch. This is why I’ve never gotten hooked on serialized television shows or soap operas.

But there I was early one evening, flipping through the television stations, probably looking for a good movie, although quite honestly I don’t recall. And all of a sudden there is this fabulous woman belting out this awesome song with a wickedly-powerful voice.

I stopped. I wanted to know who she was, where I could find more of her. I do that with music. Trust me, I have lotsa music, very eclectic music. How many girls my age (not that I’m gonna tell you my age) do you know who listen to Mahalia Jackson? Huh?

Turns out that this happens to be American Idol that I am tuned to and this girl with the magical vocal chords is Fantasia. And Miss Fantasia rather caught my fancy. And so I was back the next week and then the next couple of weeks as Idol wrapped up the season and Fantasia, indeed, became that year’s American Idol. And then I was back last season. But I was rooting for Constantine Maroulis, and if you’re a fan, you know he didn’t quite make it to the finals.

So if you’ve been wondering where I’ve been these early Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, now you know.

Who am I smitten with this season? Let me think about that and get back to you.

***disclaimer: Above comments regarding Television do not include reruns of Law and Order: Criminal Intent. Because Vincent D’Onofrio (as Detective Goren) is a scene-chewing, big fat hambone of a thespian who has my highest regard. He tickles me pink and purple and orange.

4 Responses to “Idol Minded”

  1. goodguygonebad Says:

    And shall we all follow you in this new Idolatry? Somehow I know that your obsession will become my obsession.

  2. Tom Says:

    It must be quite some show to capture Angela.

  3. metrosissy Says:

    I know about your Law & Order fetish!

  4. nj professor Says:

    It’s a great show, filled with drama and character exposee. Simon is a very smart producer as well as a captivating hard ass. It might very well die of overexposure, but for now, it is loads of fun.

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