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The Princess and the Pea (brained)


If you’re the type who craves to be pussy-whipped by a hot, young, hard-bodied princess, have I got a girl for you! Princess Crissy of Pussy Denied is truly a princess among wanna-be royalty.

I’ve done three-way calls with her and was in absolute awe of her ability to cut a man down to size. With the voice of an angel, the pubescent body of a teenage succubus and absolutely the cruelest of intentions, Princess Crissy ( aka Fiesty Sassy Lil Brat ) is one powerful little package of dynamite.

When you tangle with Crissy, you are in for the ride of your life. She happens to be one of the best (if not THE BEST) humiliatrixes on the Net today and will deliver Grade A+ devastation. You will drool, ache, beg, plead and possibly even cry.

And, because she controls you with such charismatic grace and sensual authority, you will love every minute of it. She might even let you cum.

But she might not.

Call her soon. And tell her Angela sent you.

***The rating you see at the beginning of this entry is a “CRISSY ORIGINAL.” Is she special or what? See why I love her?

2 Responses to “The Princess and the Pea (brained)”

  1. jeremy Says:

    Although not a consumer of humiliation/verbal abuse (I get so much for free), I trust Angela’s recommendations implicitly as she has such high personal and professional standards. Crissy, I am sure, is at the top of this game.

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