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Say it out loud.

Go ahead.

It’s a very sexy word and quite liberating to feel it crack (pun intended) from the back of your throat and into the front of your mouth. Then spit it through your lips and out into the bright light of day. Where you can look at it and see that it just isn’t as bad as the sexual snobgoblins would have us believe.

No, don’t whisper it. Speak it.

Sing it. Growl it. Scream it.


Now don’t you feel better?

7 Responses to “Cunt”

  1. AvonBard Says:

    For those of us who still feel uncomfortable with the word, I refer us to Shakespeare’s Henry V, in which the Princess of France learns English by learning the names of the parts of the body, including the cunt. It’s a very funny scene — and it’s Shakespeare!

  2. Jacob Says:

    As a matter of record, my first girlfriend (age 16) loathed the word “cunt” and made it quite clear that this was the one word she never wanted to hear uttered. I always it peculiar, but respected her wishes. Funny, as it turns out that she was one.

  3. jeremy Says:

    I took a religion course in college many years ago and the professor, to make a point about the rich connotations of Hebrew words, yelled “fuck” to open the first lecture. We got the point and so does Angela. She is such a talented wordsmith and is, to be sure, very powerful. Thank you sweetie.

  4. Mistress V Says:

    I love that word, matter of fact I get kinda fuzzy little tingles when I get called it, because I have one and I know how to use it!

    Angela you are cunt! hugs and kisses in places I will not mention
    Cunt V

  5. Angela Says:

    Mistress V…you tempt me so! I wanna kiss your cute little tootsies.

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