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Hey! Whatcha complaining about? This is, after all, and Equal Opportunity Blog. As in “it’s my blog and if I think it’s important, then it gets equal opportunity.”

So we all know what a prick is. I think most women would agree some are better than others. Some are cuter or prettier or skinnier or longer or curve to the left or have a mushroom head or are uncircumcised or are pierced or leak bunches. None of that adds-to nor subtracts-from our feelings toward a particular prick.

Alas, I have to say it again, that as I said the other day, it is the man wielding the tool who makes all the difference in the world. At least to the woman beholding it.

Now I will suggest that every man thinks his prick is the most important penis in the entire universe. Even when a fellow gets-off on humiliation and “small dick” fantasies, ultimately the prick, HIS prick is getting all of the attention. Smart girls figure this out early on and use it to their advantage.

Of course, human beings have been creating names for the genitalia, and the prick certainly has it’s synonyms: dick, cock, pecker, etc.

But, interestingly, when we use these words as adjectives:

  • prick = bastard
  • dick = loser
  • cock(y) = smart ass
  • pecker (head) = idiot

Of course, there are plenty more examples, but I’ve neither the time nor inclination to list them here. But I think this brief bit of mamook kumtux is enough…at least for today.

Don’t you?

(Damn it! Notice how this entry is longer than Cunt? What’d I tell ya? Men!)

2 Responses to “Prick”

  1. Jacob Says:

    You are so sexy when you write about penises. I vote for more posts on this topic.

  2. lit major Says:

    “mamook kumtux?” Your vocabulary amazes me. Now, if you’d like to have a conversation about MY prick ….. 🙂

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