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New Girl in Town

I speak of Kat, the erudite and sexy Femme Fatale that is on her way to PhoneSex stardom. But let her tell you herself. From her intro at her classy website, Stocking Affair:

“If you think that phone sex is limited to those late night ads and moaning, allow me to shift your paradigm and remove your tie. I am a 100 percent independent phone entertainer, with no acting, corporate affiliation, or ability to fake being anything other than my lusty, carnal, and overeducated self. If you lust after nerds, pushy academics, cute girls in glasses, sexual controllers with a classy kinky streak, this might be the place.”

“…allow me to shift your paradigm and remove your tie.” Don’t you just love it? When you read something so very sexy and well-written, can you have any doubt that this is a woman to be reckoned with? And don’t your knees just wobble at the thought of her wrapping all of the intelligent sensuality around you? I’m almost tempted to call her, myself.

If you like me (and I know you do), Kat is definitely someone you should be checking out. This is one sharp cookie as you will discover for yourself when reading her divinely erotic stories and always informative and insightful blog, Little Indescretions. I am smitten with this woman. And I am sure you will be, too.

Before you go, get yourself a drink and a smoke. Then relax and enjoy all that Kat has to offer. By the time you’ve nosed and peeked and luxuriated in all that steamy verbiage, you should be rock-hard and ready to give her a call.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get on over there and wallow in the meanderings and musings of the amazing, gorgeous and brilliant Kat.


You know you want to.

2 Responses to “New Girl in Town”

  1. booklover Says:

    Is Kat a clone of Angela? Or a delightfully evil twin sister? From your description, she sounds very much like you. Which makes calling her VERY tempting!

  2. Angela Says:

    Watch it there, booklover. I may have to put you into permanent chastity.

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