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So Shoe Me

blueheel.jpgpinkies.jpgsneaks.jpgmy newest heels.jpg

So now you know, I’m a shoe-aholic.  I love ’em.  Sandals, heels, strappies, fuck-me pumps, sneakers.  I’ve rarely met a shoe I didn’t like.

These are the lastest additions to my shoe closet.  The black and red ones go very nicely with a red and black corset (thanks, G.) that I wear on occasion.

I’m actually much better than I used to be.  When I moved last year I got rid of at least ten pairs, maybe closer to fifteen.  Now I’m down to fifty pairs, give or take a few.

Shoes, in my humble opinion, really can make or break an outfit.  Very important, boys and girls.

When I get married, I hope he has a foot/shoe fetish.  Sure will make my life easier.  And a lot more fun.

Another dirty secret aired.  I feel much better.

3 Responses to “So Shoe Me”

  1. backroad Says:

    Me, me, me. I have a foot fetish. Honest! I do! So what kind of ring do you have in mind? I’ll start shopping. June wedding? We’ll have to move fast.

  2. litmajor Says:

    Stand in line, backroad! I offered first!

  3. Angela Says:

    oh my! maybe some good old fashioned polygamy is in order.

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