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Still Sexy

The last three entries (Spam-O-Lot Parts 1, 2 and 3) were originally published as an essay at Sex Kitten, which you can read as one cohesive piece here. 

Due to technical difficulties, I deleted my entry of May 20 which explained that I was going on a working vacation and would be publishing the essay in three parts while I got settled into this loft where I am staying (probably for another six or seven days).  

Anyway, here I am and there you are and Taylor with the pretty eyelashes is our new American Idol. 

And after witnessing Mary K. Blige‘s duet with Elliott, I must own every CD she’s ever recorded. 

Anyway, it is turning into a semi-working vacation as I am taking off more than I’d planned.  That is if you don’t mind?  Don’t get me wrong; I am around, you just have to try a little harder.

I probably will republish the “lost blog entry” once I’ve returned to my home and office.  It’s just weird trying to fix the technical problems to which I alluded when utilizing a borrowed PC.  So look for that soon. 

I am also dealing with, have been dealing with, major allergy issues.  This includes non-stop sneezing, sinus headaches and watery eyes.  For the past few days I’ve slept quite a bit and I really think my body is just getting tired of fighting all of this and needs some rest. 

But I’m still sexy and don’t you forget it.

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  1. puzzler565 Says:

    How could we ever forget it?

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