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DC Comics goes AC/DC

DC Comics will be bringing back retired superhero Batwoman (Batgirl’s aunt) as a "new and improved" (not to mention politically correct, at least to some of us) lesbian.  In July, Ms. Kane (Batwoman’s alter ego) will officially step out of her closet.

I say:  HOT DIGGITY DAWG!  For the first time in my life I just might buy a comic book.  While I am straight as an arrow (except in a few fantasies here and there), I think lesbian chicks rock.  I believe in same sex marriage.   And I believe God cares about what we do with our hearts and not our sex organs.

Of course, the conservative right is not too happy about this, which makes it even more delicious. Me?  I’m tickled pink, jumping for joy and striking up the band.  Homophobia is so fucking ugly, particularly when it’s cloaked in the righteous blather of misguided moralists.  

Intolerance sucks. And it hurts.  We are getting a lot better at this stuff, but still have a long way to go.  So, bring it on, Batwoman.   Welcome to the new millenium.  Glad to have you.

xo, Angela

2 Responses to “DC Comics goes AC/DC”

  1. backroad Says:

    I love your brain. And you’re right, Dear Angela, INTOLERANCE SUCKS. Didn’t you tell me once that you are only intolerant of two things? Yes, you did: Intolerance and Stupidity. How can I not love you?

  2. metrosissy Says:

    We all love her, backroad, because she is unique and special in a world of bottom feeders. Long live Batwoman and Ms. St. Lawrence!

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