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Rock On, SuperVert

On May 1 the enigmatic SuperVert announced that his website, PervScan was celebrating its third year on the web, and as such Mr. Vert (my special name for him) was going to take a month-long haitus, during which he would ponder the fate of said website–whether to close up shop or continue feeding the animals (which can be very taxing at times, because web pets do not take well to domestication).

If you don’t know it by now, you should…I adore Mr. Vert. We’ve exchanged a few emails (not to mention links) and he is just about the most fascinating –if not THE most fascinating– presense on the Internet today. So it began: I and the quivering minions waited out the long month of May biting our fingernails, eating ice cream and potato chips, pacing the floor, channel surfing for info ads, indulging in an over-abundance of greasy spoon sex and anything else that reeked of spineless addictive behavior. What would we do without our PervScan. What would I do without my Mr. Vert?

Well, toss out the spray paint and paper bags, because, Mr. Vert is back in the saddle again! Can I hear an Amen, Sister and Brother?

And not only is he back, he’s back with a vengence, adding PervScan.tv to his online empire of creative endeavors. Now we can indulge our nasty little voyeuristic predilicitions even more. Because it’s so much fun when the other guy gets caught isn’t it?

If you visit Mr. Vert–and you better ’cause I said so–check out the links to his other websites. Reality Studio is without a without doubt the most complete and up-to-date collection of information on William S. Burroughs that one can find anywhere. Fleurs Du Mal is dedicated to Charles Baudelaire, in particular his piece de resistance, Les Fleurs Du Mal and contains “every poem of each edition of Les Fleurs du mal, together with multiple English translations.”

One more thing, straight from my heart: You really should purchase both of Mr. Vert’s books, Necrophilia Variations and Extraterrestial Sex Fetish. I have them both. In fact, I will be reviewing both and interviewing Mr. Vert sometime soon. But what is so special about these books (besides the writing…wait for the reviews) is the books, themselves. They are so beautiful, so fucking sexy just to look at, you will want to fuck them…I kid you not!

So get busy: Visit, peruse, get smarter, get dirtier. Get your fix the SuperVert way. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. At the very least you will have a lot of fun. But I’m betting you just might learn something, too.

11 Responses to “Rock On, SuperVert”

  1. whiporee Says:

    Another great find and a must-add to my Bookmarks. Thanks for the heads up!!

  2. Angela Says:

    And, Mr. Whip, did you order the books? Cuz I know who you are (kinda-sorta) and will make you do very bad things if you don’t.

  3. whiporee Says:

    still wondering whether that expense will take away from other .. possibilities. But i’ll heed your …warning and think hard about it

  4. Angela Says:

    You can buy them direct from his site with paypal and get free shipping and handling. Don’t be a weenie. Just do it.

  5. whiporee Says:

    but i want to be a weenie

  6. Tom Says:

    Thanks for the info…sexy and smart, what a package.

  7. Supervert Says:

    You’re too kind, Angela. Thank you.

  8. Angela Says:

    I’m just calling ’em as I see ’em, Mr. Vert. SMOOCH

  9. metrosissy Says:

    You call ’em right, Angela. You can get lost in SuperVert’s sites. I know I did. And you know how I hate surfing the net.

  10. Jack Fancy Says:

    i’m just gonna throw in my two cents werth…
    buy the books… don’t fret over cost…
    they will curl your toes
    in devilIsh delIght…

  11. Angela Says:

    I hear you, brother….thanks for stopping by.