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  • Mistress V discusses the good, bad and the ugly of Consensual Blackmail and dominating a married couple (for real–not pretend) in her latest PodCast.
  • Kathleen Turner will be appearing on Nip/Tuck next season as a phonesex operator in need of vocal chord repair.
  • The best place to find what’s hot in the adult arena? Janes Guide.
  • Trixie’s blog is one of the best on the net, as far as I’m concerned. Go there now!
  • Amanda Bangs has just opened a hot site with cuckold videos at very reasonable prices: Cuckolds Exposed
  • Chef will be returning to South Park in next week’s episode.
  • I talk about Fantasy vs. Reality in my monthly column at Sex Kitten.
  • The Dirtiest Girl in the World, Princess Jasmine, talks about a wimp and his dicklett in her latest blog entry.
  • By the way, if you like perusing blogs, particularly adult ones, check out Gang Bangs in the sidebar.
  • If you’re a Brangelina fan, Anderson Cooper will be interviewing the new mother tomorrow on Anderson Cooper 360.
  • What’s your Entertainment IQ?
  • Johnny Depp is so sexy…and I never realized it until I saw Secret Window.

Did I forget anything? Of course I did.

4 Responses to “Stuff”

  1. backroad Says:

    You have pretty and interesting friends. That cuckold site is hot. Do I have permission to buy a video? Maybe two or three?

  2. metrosissy Says:

    Really? Johnny Depp Sexy? Who knew? I like my “men” a bit more on the dumb and hung side. LOL

    But Jasmine and Amanda are HOT! If you ever go away, that’s right where I’m heading.

  3. booklover Says:

    Is this a test? Are you checking to see just how loyal we are to you? Won’t work, love. I’m sticking right here.

  4. David Says:

    You are very generous with your competitors. I wonder if they appreciate it? But then again, that generosity speaks volumes about your self-confidence.

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