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Nothing Illegal

You tell me: What, jeet swesus, does that mean?

Everytime I see a PSO advertising all fantasies welcome or taboo specialist or dirty, nasty roleplay, then following it with the qualifier, nothing illegal, I wonder to myself, just what-in-the-fuck does she mean by that???

Since when was anything somebody might want to talk about illegal? At least not yet. And we better hope it never comes to that, because it is everyone’s freedoms that will be fucked with…not just the ones that sexual snobgoblins hypocritically deem morally beyond the pale (their pale, of course–because that’s all that matters).

Does anybody else see the irony in a girl presenting pictures of herself in pigtails and pleated skirts–sometimes even holding a teddy bear–and refusing to do age-play fantasies because they are “sick and twisted and illegal?” And does anybody even get the difference between fantasy and reality?

The PSO industry is a small part of a small adult demographic which exists in a big wide world with many historical examples of small-minded moralists really causing harm, even death in some cases. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t be crying crucify him or burn the witch or here’s the jew or hang the black bastard in another time and place, if you think it’s ok to judge and legislate fantasy. Cuz I just won’t believe it.

2 Responses to “Nothing Illegal”

  1. David Says:

    Ain’t it the truth! I agree and the people who are pointing fingers and selling out are –in the long run– selling out everybody, themselves included. BDSM sites have been on the hit list for quite a while now. Seems banding together would make more sense. That is if we CARE about freedom.

  2. jeremy Says:

    Angela suffers many fools in the world of PSO’s. Fortunately, she doesn’t have to actually work with the lesser entities with whom she shares an electonic platform. Bless the infinitely erotic and complex world of Angela’s imagination. Add to that soulful and sensitive, and a picture of this auditory artist begins to take form. She is a rare gem in any forum.

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