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Independently Speaking

The fourth is officially over. None too soon for me. Because I am not a big fan of picnics or volleyball or ants or extreme heat. I prefer dinner in front of the TV with a good friend, scrabble or boggle or trivial pursuit, and swimming or air conditioning.

But I did do the picnic thing today. A small affair just with my beloved mother. We watched a movie, ate (store bought) picnic-type deli foods and went for a walk. It was lovely and quiet. I was home before dark.

But later, making a quick run to the Seven Eleven, I actually saw two fireworks. So my holiday is complete.

And I hope you had a good one!


Reading my news updates as I had my morning java I ran across the funniest little bit of news. Just lQQk at what doctors removed from a fellow’s anus:


That white thing at the center of the xray, my friends, is a light bulb. If my suspicions are correct, this would be a perfect addition to Supervert’s ever-growing encyclopedia of the weirdly obscene. But the patient, who is a Pakistanian prison inmate, swears he doesn’t know how it got there. Yeah, sure.


Oh, and I have a joke for you (well, actually two):

Question: What do you get when you turn a blonde upside down?
Answer: A brunette

Now, I happen to be a brunette but love blonde jokes. So a friend sent me this one…which is just fabulous and certainly put me in my place:

Question: Why are blond jokes always so short?
Answer: So brunettes can understand them.


And speaking of blondes, if you’re a fan of Pink‘s and/or The Indigo Girls…and not so much a fan of our current administration…you simply MUST watch this video: Dear Mister President. You can order the CD, I’m not Dead, at Amazon.

6 Responses to “Independently Speaking”

  1. John Says:

    I thought blonde jokes were short so loser boys like me could understand them!
    Whoah! A light bulb up the anus? I’ve never tried that. Wouldn’t it break? Ouchie! *cries*

  2. Supervert Says:

    In fact PervScan posted the light bulb story this morning:


    Love the jokes….

  3. Angela Says:

    Son-of-a-seahorse….should have known. Ah, well. Great minds think alike!

  4. backroad Says:

    Son of a seahorse? You’re killing me.

  5. booklover Says:

    Blondes and bulbs are amusing, but the details of how you spent the Fourth really touched me. You really are the girl next door. (Oh, how I wish!)

  6. Luscious Lyndee Says:

    LOL…realistically I know it is not funny. However, having worked in Colon & Rectal Surgery for 5 years, I have so many stories I could offer up! But, I will reserve them for another time!!

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