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Once Upon a Time

A few years back my flagship website, Literate Smut, was a finalist for Erotic Website of the Year. I never did know who nominated me, but a few very nice gents wrote some nice “letters of recommendation” after the fact. I ran across that particular file, and thought I’d share one with you…

My Dearest Mistress Angela:

When I discovered that you had been nominated for an EROTIC award I was delighted that the conveners of this event had the exquisite taste to recognize how absolutely brilliant your website is. Literatesmut.net is quite descriptive of itself, and, thus of you. You have created a Hope diamond within the plethora of costume jewelry of erotic websites that clutter the internet. It and your are tasteful, tantalizing, honest,sensitive, provocative and, of course, literate!

The components of your site offer something for everyone who is intelligently kinky. Attention to detail both at the site and on the phone is unparalleled. The colors you have selected and the fade in/out feature you use create an aura reminiscent of the naughty Victorian bedroom. Fantasy is joyously alive and well at literatesmut.net and is in your loving hands. Yes, you can be the dominatrix extraordinaire, but you weave these fantasies within the framework of safety and support.

Your love of literature is amply represented at your site as is your creativity. The inclusion of your poems within the site lends a very appealing vulnerability to what you offer. You have clearly invested, and to an appropriate extent, exposed yourself within your site. That takes a large dollop of courage in today’s internet erotic marketplace.

Angela St. Lawrence is the Queen of Kink, the Empress of her Erotic Empire and the Delicious Dominatrix of the internet. When visiting her site, my recommendation to kinky gentleman is to hold on to your zipper, you are entering a wondrous world that will leave you breathless.

Sincerely yours,

The Professor

***The Erotic Awards is a yearly fund-raising event hosted by the Leydig Trust to raise money for The Outsiders, a support and outsource program for the physically handicapped regarding personal and sexual relationships. Be sure to check them out.

4 Responses to “Once Upon a Time”

  1. backroad Says:

    Nice letter. And that website, The Erotic Awards, is really interesting. They do good stuff. Good job, Angie.

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  3. Tom Says:

    We who know Angela know she is the best. It is nice the rest of the world acknowledges it.

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