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While I’m at It

..and have access to the “recommendation” file, from which I shared with you yesterday. And because, sooner or later, I will once again lose track of it, here is another letter written by a beloved fan. You will recall from the previous post that, because of these letters, my website, Literate Smut, was a runner-up for Erotic Website of the Year in 2003.

Ok…here’s the deal. I am a man who was weaned on porn, suckled at its teat for many moons. Erotica befriended me during adolescence, added spice to relationships, and has kept me company while transitioning from the streets of Los Angeles to the mountains of North Carolina.

As I left L.A., a dear friend took me to dinner and said, “You are an intelligent man who has tasted the kink of the city; someone who is as at-home on porn sets as in a library or classroom. How will you survive when you are surrounded by Baptist hillbillies who scorn those who wish to expand their mind and soul?”

At the time, I felt that my friend was acting elitist. How dare he write-off the earthy wisdom of Appalachian folk so easily. How dare he believe that one’s cognition cannot be challenged and grow just because there are no universities within a 2-hour radius. Well….um….he was sort of right.

I’ll be damned if the demon Podunk had not enveloped my soul and stunted my thought processes. I became possessed by this demon, and subsequently, became intellectually stagnant. I needed a savior. Better yet, I needed an EXORCIST!!!

Enter: ANGELA!!! Web mistress of LiterateSmut.net!!! Ohhhhhhhhhh me ooooooooooohhhh my!!! Just what I needed!

After a long day at the office (I’m a child and family therapist) helping people break their ruts and routines, I simply have to visit my favorite new site (literatesmut.net) to keep myself from falling into routines and ruts of my own!!! Oscar Wilde and Mae West quotes accentuate the sultry visuals. Spirituality waltzes with the profane. Book reviews and strap-ons. It’s all here!

This sheer originality of this site prompted me to call Angela and see if she is for real. Is she as literate and kinky as she claims? YES!!!!!!! And therefore, I have spoken with her many times since! The site itself is free, yet there are invitations for live phone encounters. But this is no mere phone sex site! I found right away that Angela can discuss Shakespeare as naturally as describing the perfect blowjob! And when she sang me songs from Jesus Christ Superstar…well…I simply fell in love! AND SO WILL YOU!!!!!!!!!

Angela, thank you for being the hottest exorcist on the planet!!!

Much love, K.

Now, mind you, although I’ve not heard from K in quite a while (unlike The Professor, yesterday’s author, who is alive and well and naughtier than hell), he is a very special guy. Learning that I collect rosaries and smiley faces, he commissioned a beadworker to create a smiley face rosary especially for me. And I cherish it. And I miss him immensely.

And don’t forget to visit the Erotic Awards, a very cool charity organization benefitting The Outsiders.

4 Responses to “While I’m at It”

  1. Tom Says:

    Thanks for the leads.

  2. Angela Says:

    That was deep, Tom.

  3. Tom Says:

    No problem Angie…thanks for finding it for me.

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