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I’m a Bitch

….and will be taking no calls this p.m.

Cramps, running around all day doing a variety of tasks from a few of my infamous (and currently despised) lists in the sweltering heat (up to 98 degrees), not being able to reach my brother (busy signal going on five hours now–I think he is dead or hurt and am losing my mind), allergy symptoms from hell and my not-so-beloved-anymore convertible breaking down at a major intersection…

Not one of my better days.

Not even in the top one thousand.

The sinus headache that accompanies these sniffles and watery eyes has taken over the left side of my head. Which means I am going to have to take an allergy pill, which I don’t like doing, because it makes me so drowsy. And I am already tuckered from the day’s trials and tribulations.

The convertible had to be towed. Tomorrow or Monday I will have to hire a mechanic. And they scare me. Because they can tell me anything and charge me anything. Because I don’t know any better. The one blessing with the car was that Triple A had a tow truck there within ten minutes. The bonus suprise was that the tow truck driver looked liked Matthew McConaughey. Very handsome, very sexy. I was too ill-humored to appreciate his flirtatious insinuations but will savor them later in repose.

Oh…I also got a manicure and pedicure. (And yes, David, my nails look fucking awesome.) Which was the highlight of my day, although my regular manicurist was not available and the new girl wasn’t so bright or talented. But adequate. And adequate is good enough.

And I got a tad sunburned so now my nose is going to peel. Arggghhhh.


So while I’m sleeping, check out this website, because I will be writing an entire entry around it in the very near future: Poly-Fetishist


Just remembered that I had my brother’s new cell phone number on my caller ID. Called it and he answered and is alive and well and little bit drunk. Asshole. Apparently the phone in the bedroom was not on the cradle properly. I love him.


Fantasy Assignment: This will keep you occupied until I get it together here. Imagine you have a live-in Mistress who is bisexual. She dominates you with tease and denial. She also happens to have a live-in female lover. And makes you watch them get each other off. But you’re in a cock harness with your hands tied behind your back. Not much you can do but watch and ache. Maybe they give you a stroke every now and then.

Ok…that’s all, folks. xo

7 Responses to “I’m a Bitch”

  1. UncaJake Says:

    Poor Dear Angela!

    You just rest and recuperate, your public needs you!

    🙂 Jake

  2. Angela Says:

    UncJake! I’ve been wondering where you were. You are my sweet baby…and I’ve missed you.

  3. UncaJake Says:

    And I you!

  4. exumansoon Says:

    I’m sorry you had such a bad day, and i hope you feel much better soon

  5. Angela Says:

    E….you went and flew the coop again. Time for some serious objectification.

  6. Tom Says:

    I am sorry you have had such a bad day…but I like the fantasy assignment!!!

  7. Lawyer Guy Says:

    I’ve finished my homework, teacher. When may I hand it in? (Really sorry you had such a bad day. But tell us about the nails!)

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