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Chloe Does IT!

Gracie over at Sex Kitten, where I have my quasi-regular column, recently interviewed Chloe Joe Berman, the woman behind The Girlie Girl Newsletter, which currently has 13,000–give or take a few–readers. While I’d never heard of either the woman or the newsletter, it wasn’t long before I fell head over heels.

Balancing a variety of “careers” while promoting animal rights and other personal passions, Ms. Berman is not only smart as a whip and easy on the eyes, but is supremely likable. And her poetry (a few samples are included in the interview) is simply divine.

You can read part I and part II of the interview here and here. (Part II is the most fun, because that is when Chloe kicks ass and takes names. What a fireball!)

And she has the most adorable website which you can visit here.

Like I said: I like her. I like her a lot.

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  1. backroad Says:

    Very nice site. Very well done and very professional. Do you get the newsletter? Or did you sign up for it? We might go shopping together, you know!

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