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warrior’s heart

I’m still slinging the smut (for your reading pleasure) over at Blistered Lips with the occasional bit of romantic erotica thrown in here and there. The latest poem:

warrior’s heart

i think of you:

your warrior’s heart
its toughened blister
-but not for me
-not ever for me

has served you well:

keeper of your flame
it’s kept your secrets
kept your seasoned wit
kept your quiet expectations
kept your easy wisdom

kept you for me
everything for me
all of you for me
always for me
forever for me

just waiting for me:

to untether its strings
puncture its wound
untangle its weave

and I am here:

so that we shall fold
this rare metal
this precious metal
this noble metal
this keeper of your heart
this weathered chain mail

and keep it safe
as it has kept you

2 Responses to “warrior’s heart”

  1. backroad Says:

    Again, your poetry takes my breath away. Write more, please.

  2. Nannete Says:

    Wow! Who’s the lucky guy?

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