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Sometimes I Could Care Less

…..unfortunately, these past several days have been one of those times. The result of this not-so-random apathy is that I’ve not been paying attention to this blog.

Don’t take it personal, cuz it has nothing to do with anything except that my AC has been on the fritz for a number of (very intolerable) days while we’ve been experiencing record-breaking high temps. In short, I am miserable.

The good news (if Murphy’s Law doesn’t intervene) is that tomorrow I am getting a brand new unit. No, not that kind of unit. Can’t you ever behave?

While we’re waiting to return to our regularly scheduled programming you might want to check out this kinky and romantic story (yes, you can have both!) Jeremy Edwards wrote over at Sex Kitten: The Girl Who Loved to Pee. Simply scrumptious.


6 Responses to “Sometimes I Could Care Less”

  1. backroad Says:

    Poor baby. I know the heat can do a person in. But you didn’t tell the whole story: the taxi driver, the “bum lady” (as you called her), the missing lens crafters, the bombed lens crafters, the incompetent sales people at Radio Shack and Circuit City. How are we gonna go beat ’em all up for you if you don’t give us the scoop?

  2. Nannete Says:

    Ooooh. Yummy story by Mr. Edwards. I did that once with the man who shall remain nameless. Dayam!

  3. jeremy Says:

    Roasting that sexy brain is a high crime. I hope the coolest cutie on the internet is, finally, really cool. I care about my brilliant, erotic mistress more than she may know.

  4. Richard Says:

    In the years since I moved to North Carolina I’ve never felt more grateful for my central air than this summer. Weather crueler than any woman.

    Best wishes.

  5. Jeremy Edwards Says:

    Thanks so much for the mention and the thumbs-up, Angela!

    By the way, in case it matters to anyone, I’m a different “Jeremy” from the gentleman a couple of comments up.

    In fact, I’m a different Jeremy from any other Jeremy. (Tricky how that works, isn’t it!)

  6. Angela Says:

    Stop by often, Mr. Edwards!