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And Have You Noticed?

  • …that there seems to be a spate of Mel Gibson movies all over the premium (HBO, Showtime, etc.) channels. Is there anything in this world on which the entertainment industry won’t capitalize?
  • …or copy? (America Has Talent, So You Think You Can Dance, etc.) Poor Simon.
  • Speaking of Mr. Gibson, regarding my 2006/08/03 post, I want to make it clear that I have no opinion one way or the other regarding his alleged anti-Semitism. One opinion worth reading.
  • I also wanted to mention that my appreciation of Christopher Hitchens’ command of the English language is not an indication of my regard for his personality or politics.
  • …that Mistress V is fucking awesome? (And you should have noticed this, because I tell you enuff!) Our blonde bombshell is going to be on The X Rated Show tonight and is campaigning for an annual (gawd–I love this woman) Small Penis Prevention Day.
  • …that Customer Service Reps act like they are doing us a favor? And are downright rude? Why do we put up with that? When did customer appreciation and good service become the exception rather than the rule?
  • …that Radio Shack sales clerks suck? And seem to have the IQ of turnips?
  • …that Richard has got to be the most erudite and creative submissive on the Internet today? If you are a submissive male, you should be regularly reading and commenting on his blog. Get to it or I will sic Ms. V on you!
  • …that you can find me here to place a quick call to soothe those animal urges?
  • …that my professional website hasn’t been updated in ages? What’s up with that? I will let you in on a secret: Lots of new stuff coming in the very near future, including a new Powder Room and Reformatory.
  • …that I am just adorable and irresistable beyond belief?

3 Responses to “And Have You Noticed?”

  1. Mistress V Says:

    “I am just adorable and irresistable beyond belief”

    TOTALLY!!! You know i love you and thanks for telling the masses about My “lil” campaign, hehehe. Now why do I not see the banner here? hmmmm????

  2. Richard Says:

    My blushful thanks for the praise. Though I fear my latest posts are apt to leave guys wondering “Huh?”

    Wishing you all the best,

  3. tom Says:

    There is no question you are adorable and irresistable as always.

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