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Just so you know…

I haven’t forgotten you. (In fact, I know each and every one of you [kinda-sorta] by name.) I’ve been wrapped up in some time-consuming projects, which I’d put off longer than I should have and it’s kept me rather distracted from this blog.

We have a lot to discuss when I settle down here and focus: New links, good friends, and all that jazz. I am very lucky to have met the people I’ve met here on the web and would love very much for you to meet them too. So make sure you stay tuned.


In the meantime, check out Machine Gun Granny. Make sure to watch the entire thing (very short) and hold on to your toodles, cuz I think she just might mean business.

And…now we have phone art, thanks to the newest development in cell phones.

By the way, Mr. Goedde is also a most excellent fetish photographer.

And here’s a bit of gloom for you.

Question: Do you think it’s a turn-on to watch a woman masturbate?


4 Responses to “Procrastinatrix”

  1. UncaJake Says:

    We’ve missed you!

  2. Angela Says:

    Beloved Jake…I think of you every day. And I know I owe you an email. Be looking for it.

  3. Victor Crawly Says:

    Yes. It’s a turn-on.

  4. Angela Says:

    The illusive and mysterious Victor Crawly makes an appearance!

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