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Vageena Cutchacockoff

Perhaps you’ve come across this illustrious Mistress-Prototype whilst tripping the web fantastic?

After all, she is anywhere and everywhere in a zillion different guises these days. Her modus operandi is to impress upon you (and the rest of her mythological stable) the fact of her dominance over all things male (aka: all things vile/stupid/to be loathed) and concurrently convince you that your money is her money.

Pull out that credit card, puke-face, piggy, worm, loser….or fill-in-the-blank with your very own favorite cheap shot . And please do feel free to fill in the blank, because that is about all you are gonna get back from Mistress Cuthchacockoff. Incapable of orginality and posessing neither a spark of talent nor modicum of intelligence, even her fill-ins are borrowed/copied/stolen from others.

It’s the monkey see, monkey do Phone-Sex-Method. Oh, excuse me, lest I offend someone. I mean to say the monkey see, monkey do Phone-Domination-Method. Either way, it’s not exactly Strasburg-esque, eh?

And don’t ya just love the verbiage: Let’s get this straight. I am superrior [sic] two [sic] you. I don’t care about you and your tiny prick. I will cuckholed [sic] you and use you to my advantage. Whats [sic] your’s [sic] is mine. I will take all of your money and you better make at least $40,000 a year or I won’t talk too [sic] you.

Woo hoo! $40,000 a year? Go gettum, girly.

Are humiliation and financial domination legitimate forms of domination? You betcha. There are some very good legit (both fantasy and pro) Mistresses who deliver verbal devastation and financial fuckery in spades. Isabella Valentine, Princess Crissy, Mistress Katja, Myra Stern, Excusively Devon and Mistress V are a few who come to mind. TRUE MISTRESSES LOVE MEN! Playing with you, turns them on. And despite your annihilation at their hands, they ultimately respect you and keep you safe. You can take that to the bank.

On the other hand, the Vageena Cutchacockoffs polluting phone sex sites, chat rooms and message boards are low-rent rip-off artists. They reinvent themselves whenever a new kink slides onto the scene. Unfortunately, they do so at YOUR expense while simultaneously wasting your time. So be forwarned and be safe: Find yourself a Mistress who will ultimately –after the chains and whips have been put away– take good care of you.

Richard had some very interesting observations regarding the Vageenas of the world recently. And if anybody has insight, this deep-thinking submissive does.

And FYI: You can read two articles I wrote (Fantasy Mistress: Just a Figment of Your BDSM Desires and Erotic Humiliation is Not an Oxymoron) which address this topic in depth in the book, Sex Kitten Presents the BDSM Issue. (available at Amazon, just click the link)

Stay tuned to hear more about Vageena Cuchacockoff in later entries.


15 Responses to “Vageena Cutchacockoff”

  1. Richard Says:

    Nothing kills the image of the superior female than an inability to spell.

    There are plenty of bottom feeders who think all it takes to get into phone domination and financial slavery is a website. They don’t have a clue how much time and energry someone like Mistress V puts into her web work.

    I don’t expect them to be as clever as, say, Myra Stern but too many are as boring as the men who claim they desire to live as a sissymaid chastity slave 24/7/365 ’til doomsday.

    I actually started interacting with professionals over the web before I was involved in kink. It was about various interests other than BDSM. And they were all witty, smart and – oh, I hate to say this – quite humane.

    Congrats on being included in the book.

  2. Richard Says:

    An old internet law says that he who mentions spelling errors will make one.

  3. Mistress V Says:

    I loved this!!! You always make Me smile. The name is perfect LOL , you know how I feel about this anyway! Hit the nail right on the head!
    Hugs sista

  4. Angela Says:

    Get in your cage, Richard.  Anyway, when I do it…it’s called a typo.

  5. exumansoon Says:

    Very observent stuff. Good insights. I disagree with some of your points, but the insights are dead on.

  6. Angela Says:

    ex….you always disagree with me…but we know who’s boss, (your boss) don’t we now?

  7. Luscious Lyndee Says:

    LOL, I am rolling over here, Angela! I, too, get such a kick out of perusing sites! At times, I just want to reach through my monitor and make corrections. Now…do not get me wrong, I am not the best at sentence structure. However, spelling is my forte’ and, geez I hope I got the spelling of my link correct this time!! Like yourself, it was a TYPO!

  8. worthless dog Says:

    Superior Women are superior — better than others. They don’t make stupid mistakes or do stupid things. It’s self-evident.

    Phoneys who think they are, then prove they aren’t, superior — or even average — just make the real Goddesses look good. And honest subs see this immediately.

    Oh, yes — one of those superior traits is a good sense of humor!


  9. Angela Says:

    Thanks for stopping by worthless dog…your comments are most appreciated.

  10. MetroMan Says:

    Wow! You tell it like it is, beloved Mistress.

  11. David Says:

    It’s all over the place and it’s disgusting. If only these women would actually put some effort and thought into their presentation. Seems they see the insult stuff as a gravy train that they can jump onto and –without any work or effort– become rich and famous.

    And they don’t listen. I swear they pass carbons of the scripts around and never hear a word the caller is telling them.

    First rule of business: The customer is always right–even when he’s wrong. It just burns my chops to find myself dumpster diving time and again.

  12. Angela Says:

    metro? david? where in the hell have you two been?

  13. Mistress Sky Says:

    I’m so glad I found your blog through Richard’s site…. I had a blast reading this post! I wish there were more “real” Dommes writing well – literacy is one of my bug-bears too.
    Love the blog/s, will be back 🙂

  14. Angela Says:

    Hi Mistress Sky…been checking out your stuff and am fast becoming a big fan. Very interesing life you lead. Me? I’m all talk.

  15. Thats Princess Cutchacockoff to you Loser!! by Mistress V Says:

    […] Without dragging names through the mud and slinging shit of all the “bad girls” so to speak, let Me direct you to one of the good gals, My good friend Angela St. Lawrence. She wrote this funny post called Vageena Cutchacockoff. […]

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