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Hot Ass, Nice Gal

lyndee.jpg12269236-1318794856.jpg lass.jpg

Now isn’t that the cutest little butt this side of heaven? Aren’t you just dying to know where and how to find the woman is to whom it belongs? If you ask real nice, saying pretty please with cherries on top and promise to be very good boys (at least until you work up the nerve to give her a call–then, bad behavior is the order of the day…very bad behavior), I just might tell you.

Now, stop staring at those humps and pay attention. That gorgeous bootie that you can’t keep your eyes off of belongs to my friend, Lyndee.

AKA Luscious Lyndee

AKA Miss Fuckalicious

Is Fuckalicious Lyndee as cute as those buns you are staring at? Listen for yourself, and then visit the above links to her websites.

Lyndee and I kinda-sorta ran into each other while bee-bopping around the WWW and took an instant liking to each other. With men, I go by the seat of my panties. With women, my belly-feeling. And when I met Lyndee, it was like I’d just eaten a slice (maybe even two slices) of my grandmother’s Peanut Butter pie. She is both that sweet and that decadent. This is a friendship that is growing by the day, and I cherish it.

But what do the naughty boys have to say about our beloved Lyndee? Well, why don’t ya just read for yourself:

*****Speechless. She leaves me speechless.

*****Superb as usual! Lyndee is so hot and very professional. Creative and can get nasty (in a good way) and make you her bitch……gotta love it! She’s playful and NOT scripted….a must call!

*****Great voice and an awesome lady.

*****Amazingly fun, frisky, imaginative, intelligent and highly erotic! WOW!

So I love Lyndee, the guys love Lyndee. I’m betting you will love her too. Are you still here? Don’t you have a call to make?

8 Responses to “Hot Ass, Nice Gal”

  1. Luscious Lyndee Says:

    WOW, now just how does the “honorably mentioned” respond to something like this? One word, Angela…speechless! Mutual admiration and respect, my new friend…And, I thank you. XO

  2. hunklove31 Says:

    OMFG I am a ass man all the way and this chick has an ass I could fuck and eat all nite. Dayum woman back that baby up and sit on my face, next step has to be calling this one.

  3. backroads Says:

    hunk’s right…..that’s a keister I could get VERY used to. (Sorry, Angela, but a guy can look…can’t he?)

  4. booklover35 Says:

    Lovely! I guess beautiful women flock together. I’d like to flock too!

  5. metro man Says:

    I see those lovely cheeks and I just fall to my knees. Simply divine.

  6. Angela Says:

    Look at all these men of mine…running off with Ms. Lyndee. Fickle! Shameless! I guess I will have to live with this broken heart. I mean, after all, like I said, she does have one fine ass.

  7. Luscious Lyndee Says:

    Not to worry, dearest Angela. You have the most loving and loyal client base of anyone I know! And, that speaks for itself! However, I thank you all for your kindest of compliments. I think Angela owns this ass now! I mean to be compared to grandma’s Peanut Butter pie?

  8. Nigel Says:

    It is very encouraging to see that Lyndee is finally getting the recognition that she deserves. I have talked to her for over 2 years now and she is the sexiest, sweetest, most caring, charming and seductive woman I know. Oh did I mention she has the sexiest ASS I have ever seen? Simply put, Lyndee is the most alluring and sexy woman I have ever spoken to on the phone. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

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