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Jerotic On the Loose

By now you should have read Jeremy Edwards’ frisky little story After Tennis. I promised you a little more info on said gentleman, so perk up your cute little ears and have a listen.

Although I only ran into Mr. Edwards (who also goes by Jerotic–don’t you just love it?) recently when reading his story The Girl Who Loved to Pee, evidently he’s been stirring up quite a bit of mischief with his wicked wordiness for a while now. As I told you yesterday, he has a nice little crib of his own, but it seems that Jeremy has what my grandmother refers to as a “gasoline ass.” He just can’t be a good boy and stay at home!

For example, he’s becoming quite the Casanova over at Oysters and Chocolate (which, by the way, just became a free site–so scoot over there now), where high-brow babes go to get their grafenberg tickled by some of the best writers in the biz. You can bet that Jeremy’s Any Day of the Week and Vacation Plans are doing some tickling. Wonder which is the oysters and which is the chocolate. Hmmmm…

He’s also charming the panties off of a few ladies at Tit-Elation with an exquisitely naughty tidbit, Adrienne’s Ironic Lingerie. (The man does have a way with words, doesn’t he?) You can read a juicy little excerpt of this story over at the lingerie blog of A Slip of a Girl who was so intrigued she had him back for an interview. Then I suggest signing up for a membership with Tit-Elation, because membership does have its privileges.

Evidently insatiable, his purple prose can also be found tucked between the linens of the pre-eminent erotic magazine on the Internet, Clean Sheets. Go ahead–slip into something more comfortable; then tuck yourself in with a few of his very naughty bedtime stories: If We Were and The Ass Pajama Lottery.

Whew! I don’t know about you. But I need a cigarette after all of that.


10 Responses to “Jerotic On the Loose”

  1. metro man Says:

    Wow! Such talent. You’re right, the ladies must be going nuts for this guy. Now wonder shlups like me never even have a chance.

  2. Luscious Lyndee Says:

    Sheweeeee, where do I find this guy? Could you do me a favor and steer him over here, pretty please? I think I am in love…want to read more! Or, maybe he could call me himself and read to me?? Call the EMT’s…I will be back later….

  3. Nanette Says:

    OMG! Adrienne’s Ironic Lingerie is awesome. I think I will join that site. The other stories are so hot. This guy knows the way to a girl’s hot spot. I mean heart. Maybe both? Thanks, Jeremy and Angela.

  4. exumanssoon Says:

    Wow, Angela, thanks for the tip. Great reads, and sounds like an intersting guy to know.

  5. Jeremy Edwards Says:

    Thank you, you wonderfully wonderful people, for all your heart-warming feedback! And hugs to Angela for having put me in the limelight here! I have more stories in the pipeline, and I’ll post updates to the MySpace blog as they appear.

  6. David Says:

    Proof that reading is definitely Fun-damental. When and where will there be more?

  7. Gracie Says:

    This kitten’s quite smitten…

  8. metroman Says:

    I am just going to stop leaving town. Look at all these men you’ve been hooking up with.

    Seriously, nice writing. And I know how it thrills Angela to write. All my best to Jerotic.

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    […] Short and sweet and deliciously naughty. Dontcha think? You might recall that Jerotic visited Zen Fetish once before and I told you more about him the very next day. I mean, after all, inquiring minds wanted to know. […]

  10. ZenFetish » Blog Archive » Short and Sweet Says:

    […] And remember Jerotic (Jeremy Edwards)? Generous and productive as always, Mr. Edwards sent me a list of the latest stuff of his which can be found around the Net and included a short story for Zen readers.  More coming soon.  Fo Shizzle! […]

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