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Grab the Popcorn

I’ve mentioned–ok, I’ll admit it: gushed, drooled and wet my panties over–Supervert when steering you to his fan-tabulous bevy of sites on more than one occasion. The man is a frickin genius after all.

He is the Lone Ranger of the Internet (Who was that virtual man?): Kemo Sabe to all who study the dark and dangerous side of kink. Of course there’s the added benefit of allowing us to feel good about our hidden fantasies while holding them up against others’ morbid and twisted realities.

But today is Labor Day, and if you’re as anti-picnics as I am, you just might find yourself a bit on the lonely side of things. So I’m inviting you to a party, courtesy of Mr. Vert via the newest addition to his ever-expanding web-porium, PervScan.tv.

Guaranteed to be more fun than sweaty volleyball games, voracious army ants and drunken relatives, watching this line-up (Doggy Styles, Toilet Manners, Pantywaists, Nibby Neighbors–just to name a few) is a great way to pass the time and a sure cure to any exhibitionistic notions we’ve been secretly considering.

Plus, it goes well with popcorn.

xo, Tonto

6 Responses to “Grab the Popcorn”

  1. David Says:

    I agree with Angela’s *very high* opinion of this guy. He is a man of many a talent, as you will see when you start looking around at his other edeavors. And he just might be a talisman
    of some sort or other, because I won $50 on a scratch-off the other day.

  2. Supervert Says:

    I’d say that you’re both too kind, but is it really a compliment to call my sites a sort of virtual Labor Day barbecue? Maybe if I continue to work really hard, they can become a Thanksgiving supper or Christmas feast. But then again, it would be wise to remember that it’s a feast of perversion — you may well find some weird aphrodisiac in your egg nog, or perhaps the frosting on your xmas cookies would take the form of dirty pictures…

    Jokes aside, you really are too kind, Tonto. Muchas gracias, merci, danke.

  3. Nanette Says:

    You sure can pick them. Don’t try to pretend you have a wild, dark side. Fiddle Dee. And all of the “Lone Ranger’s” websites are, as you’ve told me time and again, stellar. Thanks, friend, for all the stuff. And you know what I’m talking about.

  4. jeremy Says:

    Hey mistress, thanks for the links. Oh what fun it is albeit over the top (a sense of humor is often on the endangered species list these days so he is indeed refreshingly outrageous).

  5. metroman Says:

    What David said. Except the talisman stuff. I haven’t won a darn thing. Sweet piece of writing. Hi Ho Silver, away.

  6. ZenFetish » Blog Archive » Pique-Nique Says:

    […] So it was a long Labor Day weekend, to which I looked forward, planning on not laboring a bit, taking a quiet pause for myself — minus the “pique-nique.”  Because, as I’ve noted before, I DON’T LIKE PICNICS.   Alas, friends and family had other plans and while not working the phone or writing, which is what usually occupies plenty of my time, I was dragged to two picnics. […]