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Lingerie & Lust with Slip of a Girl

Slip of a Girl had me back for the interview I’d mentioned in an earlier entry–girl talk, don’t you know? And it was a heck of a lot of fun. As I’d also noted previously, I like her blog a lot. And I don’t lie. You know that. Bookmark her site…she has this obsession with vintage lingerie and posts often. So it is always with great pleasure and delight that I bop on over to her blog to check out what currently has her swooning.

So, about this interview:

I know I mentioned that I was precocious as a little girl. And I recall something about my personal lingerie choices. There was some talk of cross-dressers and lingerie fetishes. I am thinking maybe she put something in my drink. Because I sure was talkative and quite revealing, considering my usual approach to all of this.

I know I said something about “grown up parts.” Not sure what that was all about. She was very curious about my own personal lingerie opinions and choices, so we dished about that for a while. Don’t you worry, Pervert Savant, I played my cards very close to my vest. Just like you suggested. I mean I can’t give away all my/your/our secrets, now, can I? Isn’t that what you said?

She even wanted to know about my brand of Phone Sex and my Erotic Writing, and was, indeed, very interested. It made me wonder if she wasn’t masturbating on the other side of my flat screen. (Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?)

She’d first found me via my story She Never Knew over at Blistered Lips, and as it involves panties and a bit of tawdry femdom sex play, she was keenly curious about the fetish of cross-dressing (the Angela St. Lawrence version). Like I said: I was friendly, even affable, but played it sexy and mysterious. I think she liked me a lot.

And I just know she wants me.

5 Responses to “Lingerie & Lust with Slip of a Girl”

  1. hot java Says:

    I confess to no general interest in lesbian sex, but just because it’s Angela, I was very hot and bothered imagining a little lesbian fantasizing going on in her mind. Mistress is SUCH a role model!

  2. SlipOfAGirl Says:

    Well, well, well… I’m all a-flutter, and not even sure what to say about this :p

    I’m as pink as my blog, of that I am sure!

  3. Impossiblefunky Says:

    You’re famous! And you’re cute. 🙂

  4. Richard Says:

    Always good to get an additional glimpse of who you are, including of course sans fetish stuff.

  5. Angela Says:

    I must say…it does a girl’s heart good to come home after a day of gambling away $400 (with my mother and she deserves it) to find four responses to this “slip of a post.”


    Maybe it was ME flirting with Slip of a Girl instead of the other way around. Could it be? Am I a budding lipstick lesbian?

    Hello to Funky hot java…haven’t see you here for a while.

    And, Richard, now that I know you were here:  I can rest easy knowing that all is well in the Land of Virtual Kink.  The Prince has returned.

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